Sunday, November 22, 2015

13 FEET of snow, 65 mph winds Mt. Rainier

 Just another day atop Mt. Rainier

13 FEET of snow, 65 mph winds -- just another day atop Mt. Rainier
You think it's been a little stormy around Seattle this weekend? Child's play to the Mt. Rainier summit.

How's this for a weekend forecast: Between 122 and 162 inches of snow (10-13 FEET!), 65 mph winds, and temperatures in the 20-30 degree range, making wind chills near zero.
At least, that's what the automated forecasts have from the National Weather Service. Check it out:

Now, crazy extreme weather is nothing new for the summit -- you're half way to general flight paths and, of course, there's no other topography around to stand in the way of a raging atmosphere.

But still, even by summit standards, that has to be pretty intense. I'd hope any climbers wouldn't be daring enough to think this is the right time to attempt a climb.

I have to give a shout out to this this ski site that was first to notice the forecast. For skiers, we of course aren't looking at 13 feet of snow anywhere where there are chair lifts, but Mt. Baker and Stevens Pass should get their first decent coating of the season.

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