Wednesday, December 18, 2013

marijuania moratorium approved in Asotin County

Published: Dec 18, 2013
CLARKSTON, WA - A sixth month marijuana moratorium is now in effect after Monday night's Asotin County Commission meeting. 

The hold restricts the use, sale and distribution of pot in the county. This includes the city limits of Clarkston as they passed their own separate moratorium last week. Asotin County Attorney Jane Risley said the hold is for the benefit of the zoning and planning commission. Risley said the federal government shares some of their concerns with the law. However the moratorium didn't pass without pushback.

"My belief is that a moratorium is not necessary," said Clarkston resident Matt Clemens.

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Can You website helps Clarkston Police catch criminals

Published: Dec 18, 2013
CLARKSTON, WA - Just mere days after the Clarkston Police Department starting using the "Can You ID me" website, two suspects are positively identified by the public. is a collaborative website used by police departments across the State of Washington. They post pictures of suspects or people wanted for questioning in hopes that locals can identify them. 

Sergeant Josh Daniel said they posted two different cases to the site last week. Within 24-hours of posting the pictures, they arrested a man the police department had been trying to identify for almost two months. 

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