Thursday, July 16, 2015

Latest pictures from Space

Updated 11:35 AM ET, Wed July 15, 2015 
PLUTO!! NASA Releases the newest images from Horizons

Do you see a heart of Pluto? This image was taken on Tuesday 7/7 by Horizons when it was about 5 million miles from the planet. The large bright area on the lower right - about 1,200 miles across - resembles a heart

This image of Pluto was captured by New Horizons on July 12 when the spacecraft was 1.6 million miles from the planet.

 This picture of Pluto's largest moon, Charon was taken july 12 when it was 1.6 million miles away.  It reveals a system of chasms larger than the Grand Canyon. 
Look closely at the images below.  This is the first time New Horizons has pohotographed Pluto's smallest and faintest moons, Kerberos and Styx.  The pics were taken from April 25 to may 1.

left: Pictures of Jupiter and its volcanic moon Lo taken early in 2007 - about a year into New Horizons 9 year journey to Pluto

below: On its way to Pluto, New Horizons snapped these pics of Jupiter's 4 large "Galilean" moons.  From left to right is Lo, Europa, Ganuymede and Callisto.

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