Thursday, May 14, 2015

Snohomish storm chaser gets 1-in-a-million shot of tornado, rainbow

By Published: May 11, 2015

Not sure I've ever seen a photograph that captures the beauty and power of weather in one singular shot.

Snohomish's Benjamin Jurkovich, part of the JWSevere Weather Chasing Team has been out storm chasing in the Midwest for the past few weeks and he's had his share of twisters, super cells, and other images that define Tornado Alley in the spring.

But this one he got near Wiley, Colorado Saturday afternoon might be the most unique in his portfolio -- a tornado at the same time as a rainbow.

"It was pretty darn awesome!" he said.

Jurkovich said most of his storm chases have been in the dusty Midwest as it hadn't rained much, but the night before this photograph, that portion of Colorado had heavy rains, helping to clear the air for this spectacular shot.

He's been lucky so far in not having too many close calls - the one exception was while chasing a storm near Hayes, Kansas, another area of rotation began to develop to their southwest moving northeast:

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