Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Asteroid Capable of Continent Wide Devastaton?

NASA's "Great Pumpkin"

Have you heard of the Halloween Asteroid? 

 NASA has dubbed 2015 TB145, "The Great Pumpkin". The stadium sized space rock is said to be large enough to,"wreak continent-wide devastation". 

 I think it looks more like a potato (below right).  At, any rate, at its closest point, the great pumpkin - or potato, will pass within 300,000 miles of earth. This is slightly farther away than the moon and pretty close by astronomical standards.


After seeing a skull face in one of the more recent photos, scientists now think their giant space rock may actually be a dead comet. That's not entirely accurate, but seems appropriate for Halloween.

Today's fly by will provide a rare opportunity to learn more about space rocks and what to do if one ever headed for earth. 

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