Saturday, February 22, 2014

ANTI SPYING BILL - ID. Agricultural House Committee vote 13-1 in favor

Published: Feb 21
This bill came after a video that was illegally taken... showed workers severely abusing cows. The committee heard testimonies from both farmers and animal right supporters. Farmers said they need protection from spying, while activist said the bill would allow abuse to go undetected.

BOISE, ID - A proposed law gains momentum in Idaho's legislature, it calls for the ban on undercover filming at farms in the Gem State.

In a 13 to one vote, the House Agricultural Affairs Committee backed a measure calling for tougher penalties against those who sneak onto farms and film animal abuse. The senate previously backed the measure 23 to ten, so now it heads to the house.

Ground breaking for Port of Clarkston new Industrial park begins March

Published: Feb 21
CLARKSTON, WA - In just a couple of weeks, workers are breaking ground on a new business park in Asotin County. 

Turning Pointe Industrial Park will be located on Evans Road.
Work will start on March 6th. The approximately 45-acre plot is getting landscaping, water lines and the necessary technology for a business to open up shop. While they don't have any businesses committed to a space at this time, Port Manager Wanda Keefer said within a five year period, they hope to have at least 100 new jobs available in the park. 

"We expect the contract to be wrapped up in 120 work days," said Keefer. "So as soon as this Fall we could begin to see businesses constructing their own facilities there with jobs before the end of 2014 we hope."

Keefer said this is the first phase of construction. They hope to expand the park beyond the current boundaries in the future.

WA. Music Educators Assoc. selects Linda Torgerson as Outstanding Music Educator

Published: Feb 21 
CLARKSTON, WA - A local music director is getting state-wide recognition for her work in the classroom.

Lincoln Middle School Music Director, Linda Torgerson was honored with Outstanding Music Educator for the southeast region. She received the award by nomination from her peers in the Washington Music Educators Association.

"It's an honor and I'm really humbled," said Torgerson. "I just do my job every single day. And I have opportunities that come to me that I can allow students to take those opportunities and I don't hold back."

Mrs. Torgerson is a thirty year veteran with the Clarkston School District. The award signifies the outstanding contributions she's made to music education in the state of Washington.

N.P. County Jail - Commission approves restructuring chain of command

Published: Feb 20
LEWISTON, ID - The Nez Perce County Jail is changing the way they do things.

The Nez Perce County Commission approved the re-structuring of the chain of command within the adult detention center. Sheriff Joe Rodriguez says it'll promote a smoother operation of the facility, as well as another way for the jail to save money.

"We would eliminate that lieutenant position which would save us that income as well as medical the county would pay and we would in turn take and create another sergeant position," said Nez Perce County Sheriff Joe Rodriguez.

The new sergeant will more than likely be promoted in house. Both sergeants will oversee four corporals and 26 deputies. The restructuring will start immediately giving jail officials enough time to get settled before their annual inspection.

Sojourners' Alliance Director discusses hunger on the Palouse an invisible reality

Published: Feb 21,
MOSCOW, ID -  29% of Moscow residents are living in poverty, According to the latest study of poverty on the Palouse.

Sojourners' Alliance Director Steve Bonnar discussed food insecurity with Moscow's 'Women's Giving Circle' Thursday morning. He explained that it's difficult to spread awareness about poverty on the Palouse because it's largely invisible.

"One of the big issues here, unfortunately, is that there aren't decent paying jobs," said Bonnar. "So anybody working at a minimum wage job around here is living in poverty."

Bonnar said the cost of living is increasing, food stamp funding is decreasing, and food banks are in desperate need for donations. He said many people living in poverty also struggle with obesity because the food they can afford is low in nutrients, but high in unhealthy fats and sugars.

So when it comes to donating, protein-rich foods like canned meats and peanut butter are the most valuable, as is toilet paper because it's an expensive necessity that they buy through programs like USDA's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Snowy Weekend

A slow moving system will move through the region this weekend. This system will bring intermittent snowfall to most of the region. Impacts expected from this system will be deteriorating road conditions and hazardous traveling through the mountain passes.

Genesee resident announces candidacy for Idaho State Legislature

Published: Feb 20
GENESEE, ID - Unlike tax season, the November Election is months away, but some politicians in Latah County are already campaigning.

Genesee resident Caroline Nilsson-Troy recently announced her candidacy. She's running for the District 5, Seat-B position in the Idaho State Legislature. Troy currently runs her own consulting business, and she said she's a 'citizen's candidate' that's new to the political scene.

"It just seemed like a good time for me to explore some other opportunities to give back to society and give back to Idaho," 
said Nilsson-Troy.

Troy is running as a republican, and she hopes to take the place of Representative Shirley Ringo, a democrat and former school teacher from Moscow. Ringo is giving up her seat in the House to run for Congress against Republican Raul Labrador.

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival workshops are a treat for musicians of all ages

Published: Feb 21
This is one of the busiest times of year for Moscow because the University of Idaho's Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival is officially underway. We're downtown at the Kenworthy Theater to check out a couple of the workshops they're offering high school students.

MOSCOW, ID - Thousands of high school students from across the Northwest and Canada are taking a break from their regular class schedule to visit the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin shows us how the Jazz Fest. teaches young artists about the importance of music.

I.S.P. sworn to protect and serve mark milestone with 75th Anniversary

Published: Feb 21, 2014
LEWISTON, ID - 75-years ago Thursday, Idaho State Police became an official Law Enforcement Agency.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio has the story as she celebrates with Idaho's finest.

"We believe if we celebrate the past that adds to success in the future," said Idaho State Police Captain, Lonnie Richardson.

On February 20,1939 the Idaho State Police became the new law enforcement agency sworn to protect and serve those traveling on Idaho's roadways. 

"We have a reputation of going out of our way treating the public fairly kindly, compassionately and that's on of the things that made me want to join the Idaho State Police," said Idaho State Police Lieutenant, Allen J.Oswald.

And for 27-thousand 390-days key values like those have remained the same, transformation is key to the agencies longevity. 

"The changes have been extraordinary," said Captain Richardson. "I started out with a car with no prisoner cage in it, no bullet proof vest."   read full story...

Tax season advice and tips to avoid tax scams

Published: Feb 20, 
Tax season comes with seasonal phone scams so guard your identity.

MOSCOW, ID - It's officially tax season, and while accountants are urging us not to wait until the last minute, police are cautioning us about IRS scams that tend to pop up this time of year.

Let's see what the local experts have to say.

"Get started early, and if you have a refund coming back, you're going to be before the big rush into the IRS, so it's a good thing," said Lewiston H&R Block CEO John Blankenship.


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