Sunday, January 5, 2014


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Rain & Snow on the Way!!!

A major change to the flow pattern will occur this week allowing for increased moisture to move into the region.  In our current flow pattern the majority of the moisture is passing to the north and east of our area. As the ridge over the region breaks down, moisture will be allowed to easily flow into the area. Currently, all precipitation for the region looks to start as snow before snow levels start to rise as we push further into the week. Given the westerly flow pattern the Cascades and Idaho Panhandle Mountains will likely receive the most precipitation from the pattern change.


WEATHER FACT: snow isn’t always white.   In California’s Sierra Nevada mountains and the alpine region of Colorado, pink snow is occasionally spotted.  It’s caused by a microscopic reddish-colored algae that thrives in high altitude water kept freezing year round.  This sometimes dark red snow puzzled mountain climbers for centuries. Also known as watermelon snow, blood snow, red snow and snow algae, the first accounts of watermelon snow are found in the writings of Aristotle.

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