Sunday, December 15, 2013

Are Storms Getting More Intense Over the Pacific Northwest?

Sunday, december 15, 2013
It is rare to have a week go by without a local media outlet doing a story suggesting that storms are getting worse in our area, with global warming being the suggested cause.  For example, last month KING-5 ran a story saying exactly that (see image), quoting from a representative of  the National Conservancy.
And this is not the only example of claims that Northwest storms are strengthening.

The sad thing is that these claims of increased storms in our region are simply not true,contradicted by the both observations and the peer-reviewed literature.   The "experts" quoted are often representatives of well-meaning, but poorly informed, advocacy groups.

All too often, the media is failing to do their homework in checking out the veracity of these claims.    So let's do the homework for them!  Let's look at key observations to see if there are any trends in storminess in our region.
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