Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cold Facts and Snow in SE Washington

Cliff Mass Weather Blog

We are now experiencing our coldest weather since January, with temperatures falling below zero in "favored" spots of eastern Washington and Oregon.  Snow is coming to the Northwest during the next two days, but unfortunately will miss most of Washington.
But first, this morning there was an unusual sight:  a line of clouds down the center of Puget Sound (see picture from the UW web cam facing the Olympics).  The cause?  The cold air! 

THE FRUSTRATING THING FOR SNOW LOVERS is that the low is passing too far offshore to bring snow to most of Washington, perhaps light snow on the WA coast and moderate snow over central and southern Oregon as the low swings eastward south of us.  If the low was one hundred miles to the east and Seattle would be white. Oregon is nearly COMPLETELY covered with snow, with the  exception of Portland and Columbia Gorge.  Northern CA gets snow.   Just not fair.


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