Sunday, January 19, 2014

Personnel records of dismissed police officers’ released to KLEW

Published: Jan 17, 2014 
Veronica Miracle obtained nearly 200 pages of personnel files which explain the events leading up to the legal battles might surprise you. 

The two Asotin police officers were fired in 2013, but they didn't take it lightly, in fact they both took action against the city.

KLEW News obtained personnel records of the two men that shed a new light on their claims.

In 2013, officers William Guinn and Danny Vargas were fired for insubordination. Both now have pending lawsuits against the city. 

William Guinn alleges he was wrongfully terminated at the end of December. He's asking the city for $1.5 million in damages. But according to these personnel December, Guinn responded to a call about child abuse. A child on visitation in Asotin County told Guinn his step dad was beating him. The report said Guinn tainted the investigation by returning the child to his stepfather before a detective could question the child. In a document written by Commander Scott Coppess, Guinn admitted to lying to the detective and blaming the chief for releasing the child. 

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