Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Power Outage

Published: Aug 4, 2014                                                      2,000 Clarkston residents lost power on Sunday.

Lewiston, ID: More than 48,000 people were affected by the outage. That number is now down to about 33,000. Crews from Avista in the Valley are up in Spokane right now helping to restore the power.

Small power outages happen throughout the year, but what should you do to prepare for a long power outage like this one? 

"You want to make sure you're prepared," said Avista Regional Business Manager, Mike Tatko.                                                                              
"That means having water on-hand, nonperishable food items, a manual can opener. Also, you want to make sure your cell phone is charged and you have a battery-powered radio. That way you can check the status of power outages and the weather status."

Tatko predicted 95-percent of power had been restored by 10:00 Monday night. 

There was also an outage in Clarkston on Sunday, but it wasn't caused by the storm. Tatko said a bird got into a substation on Pound Lane, which caused 2,000 people to lose power but everything in Clarkston has been restored.

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