Monday, September 7, 2015

Northwest Firefighters Face the Elements

These firefighters were given 5 minutes to shower before their next hike to the next fire. We really have no idea all of the sacrifices these heroes go through to keep us safe. Photo by Nicholas Styles,  with Greg Isaac.

From Inferno to Freezing                                    

 Now they have snow, but they don't have the clothing for it. 

From My Town Walla Walla FB

Because many of you have asked and because we have heard that the firefighters did not have heavy enough clothing, I wrote & asked Nick Cronquist if we could do anything. Here is Nick's response: 

With teams rotating in and out, firefighters are getting time to go home and repack so there is no specific needs I'm aware of. If I hear of something I'll pass it on. Thank you for thinking for us

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