Wednesday, January 8, 2014


LEWISTON/CLARKSTON: TODAY- light rain continues today totalling less than 1/10 inch (.06” is my calculation) by tonight.  Light SE wind, high temp 41 degrees
TONIGHT- windy with SW gusts 15 to 25mph, low 37 degrees. Light rain midnight to 4am should total less than 1/10 inch. (.05”)
THURSDAY- mostly cloudy & windy with westerly wind gusts to 30mph, high temps in the mid 40s. Light rain begins after 4pm totalling about .06” by midnight.
THURSDAY NIGHT-light snow may mix with the rain after 10pm as temps drop into the mid 30s.  Showers may briefly change to all snow briefly in the early morning hours with little if any accumulation.
FRIDAY- mild & light showers, light rain beginning late morning (about 11am). High temp near 40.
SATURDAY- heavier rain should total ¼ inch. High temp 46.
SUNDAY- drizzly, light rain. HIgh 45.

PULLMAN/MOSCOW: TODAY-Snow to Rain then back to Snow.
This morning’s snow should total about ½ inch before mixing with and changing to rain as temps rise into the mid 30s around 9am to 10am. Temps will top out in the upper 30s with blustery west winds of 25 to 35 mph. Expect about ¼ inch of rain by 5pm. Showers change back to snow after 5pm as temps drop again.
TONIGHT: Snow should total about ½ to 1 inch by early Friday morning.

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